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For a few years now I’ve followed a blogger who goes by the handle FrugalTrader, he runs the site

It’s his own personal financial blog which provides insight, education and progress reports for his own personal quest to build a family net worth of 1MM dollars.

I was very pleased to read last month, that after 8 years, he’s finally reached his goal!!! I tip my hat to you sir.

We, as of this month, July 2014, my separation has been finalized, papers have been signed and money has been exchanged.

I’ve always been very focused on managing my finances, although being married to a “spender/shopper” seriously strained my NetWorth progress. Add to that a divorce, which is always financially damaging, and you could say that I’m not behind the eight-ball for a 33-year-old.

Alright, that’s enough complaining, it’s a new day, and I’m embarking on a new journey. I’ve decided to start my own “Million Dollar Journey”. I’ll be using this blog to periodically post transparent and detailed updates of my NetWorth, to hold myself accountable and drive towards my goal. For now I’ll try to do updates quarterly.

So what is my goal? Well the number part is easy, $1,000,000 of NetWorth. I also want to add a timeframe to make it harder ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was initially thinking 10 years, but what the heck, let’s make it harder and say 7 years, that way it can coincide with my 40th birthday, that sounds like a great birthday present to myself.
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